What if you’re not sure 


Here are some questions and some answers 

But please feel free to contact Julie with your own questions and for greater clarity 




What is the cost of taking a coaching/mentoring journey Julie?


It costs you your time to reflect and your courage to be honest within your reflections.

Pay from the heart: Julie also asks that you receive her time and honour her gift by responding with your heart.



What if I’m not a Christian?


Julie is a follower of Jesus and this no doubt impacts her offerings.  She always honours your faith, your values.  Julie has worked with Muslims, Hindus and those with no religious faith.  During the initial meeting the boundaries of the conversation are designed to meet your journey. For Christians this includes creating a conversational space for followers of Jesus who may have differing views on interpretation of their faith


Julie will always offer to pray for your journey outside of the meetings. For Christians she always asks permission to offer a scripture and prayer within the meetings




What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?


Both coaching and mentoring are skills that enable you to move forward. They are about enabling you to take action and move into what is next in your life.


Coaching offers an empowering conversational space that enables honest, reflective processing; it supports you as you consider different perspectives and encourages you to make choices and take appropriate action. Julie is a certified, professional individual and relationship coach.

Mentoring offers a perspective from the mentor’s experience. A mentor tells of her expertise, and possibly gives advice from her own journey. Julie can offer her wisdom from her journey as a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother, an expat living in the Middle East……



Are the meetings safeguarded?

The conversations are completely confidential but not a secret. Julie will request that you have a sponsor to support and encourage you.


As a safeguard for both you and Julie, at the start we will design a safety code to cover any possible health issues and expectations. And if either you or Julie ever experience distress during the conversations then you are both responsible for raising and dealing with the distress, and resolving the way forward, which may be that we agree to end the coaching relationship.



Julie has regular supervision 

Julie is a member of the International Coaching federation

Julie is accountable to her Shepherd - Jesus



What is relationship coaching?

This is where the focus of the coaching is the relationship - the system -the body.

This is an exciting and challenging journey where the individuals of the team put aside their individual needs and join together to speak, to listen and listen deeper to the needs of the relationship. The body of individuals can then respond to this clarity of vision by taking footsteps of faith. 

This is my favourite type of coaching : )



How are the meetings carried out?

Julie meets with you on zoom at a time convenient to both of you.

The conversations are usually 60 minutes

We usually have at least 3 meetings taking place 2 weeks apart

We raise the question – “what do you want?” – and we start the journey.


Julie has designed a course for those who have a desire to empower others in their own life, but often feel overwhelmed and burdened with sorting and fixing of the other. The course is created for small group leaders, family members; anyone who has a pastoral heart, and it encourages you as a group to reflect and grow together in your Barnabus skills. It enables you to reflect on your role and equips you with a coaching approach to everyday conversations that empowers others to move forward within their life

This course is designed for small groups of people working in the same organisation or in similar roles within different spheres.



Who might benefit from the Conversation Course?



What if I’d like to chat with Julie first?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can arrange a zoom chat to discuss how she might support you.